Are We Doing Our Part? Ep. 46



  • What wall is standing between you and the promises from God
  • How are you showing up to your battlefield
  • Reminder of the importance of faith, hope and courage
  • Be brave in the face of adversity and never give up even when the odds seem insurmountable
  • We have power to move mountains and knock down walls
  • We need to be committed to the process
  • Some battles are meant to be fought on our knees in prayer
  • We can trust in God and remember that He is with us no matter what we face
  • It is our job to live a life that’s pleasing to God and reflects His character
  • God is calling us to go higher in Him-don’t let anything pull you back
  • Don’t discount yourself-He wants to use you
  • Joshua 6:1-5

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