Revival: How to Live Life From The Inside Out Ep. 81

Have you ever felt the weight of living a life externally, driven by external validation and societal pressures? When we … More

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Breaking the Silence: Rebuilding Our Foundation

Many of us have been quiet for way too long, and it’s time to build a foundation for our mindset to weather any storm that tries to come our way. It is time to say goodbye to the storms of depression, anxiety, and shame, the very things tearing down the foundation that is most precious to us. our family! 

Power Thoughts: Grab Hold of Something New

We all want to grab hold of something new, i.e., relationships friendships, or a new career, but we may sabotage it by giving into a repetitive negative behavior pattern.  One relationship after another is not working out, emotional manipulation, playing the victim, withdrawing from others and criticizing. With these types of toxic emotions, we risk the effect of feeling, peace, hope or the joy Jesus has to offer us when we have the faith to believe in Him. When we act to deal with these types of bondage, we begin to find positive and healthy ways to step into something new, and that is the authentic you!