Essential Elevated: How To Master Basic Clothing Wear Ep. 80


Zach Powell is the visionary behind and owner of Paradigm Pieces. He creates unique luxury items with a message. His most recent collection, Rebirth, focuses on the transformation of old things becoming new. Today he discusses his journey in fashion, his why and the new collection. If you would like to support Zach and his vision you can buy his clothing at

The phrase “When you support a small business, you support a dream” emphasizes the personal and aspirational nature of small businesses. Here’s a breakdown of the sentiment and meaning behind it:

  1. Supporting a Dream: Small businesses are often born out of the dreams and aspirations of individuals or a group of people. Entrepreneurs invest not just money but also their passion, creativity, and hard work into building something meaningful. When you support a small business, you are contributing to the realization of someone’s dream.
  2. Personal Connection: Unlike large corporations, small businesses often have a more personal touch. The products or services offered may be crafted with a unique perspective, reflecting the owner’s personality, values, and aspirations. Supporting a small business means connecting with the people behind it, understanding their story, and becoming a part of their journey.
  3. Economic Impact: Supporting small businesses has a direct impact on the local economy. It helps create jobs, fosters innovation, and contributes to the overall diversity and vibrancy of a community. By choosing to spend your money at a small business, you are investing in the local economy and helping it thrive.
  4. Community Building: Small businesses are integral to the fabric of communities. They often sponsor local events, engage in community initiatives, and build relationships with their customers. Supporting these businesses goes beyond a transaction; it becomes a way of fostering community spirit and connection.
  5. Encouraging Entrepreneurship: When consumers actively choose to support small businesses, they send a message that entrepreneurship is valued and encouraged. This can inspire others to pursue their own business dreams, contributing to a culture of innovation and self-reliance.

In essence, the phrase is a reminder that every purchase from a small business is more than just a transaction; it’s a choice to contribute to someone’s dream, to support a unique and personal endeavor, and to play a role in building a thriving local community.

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