How To Persevere: Navigating Through The Process Ep. 61


Are you feeling overwhelmed, stuck, or lost in your journey of faith? In this episode of The Lounge Chair Podcast, join our host as she tackles the topic of perseverance. Discover how to navigate through the process of trials and tribulations, and find inspiration to keep moving forward on your spiritual journey. Whether you are facing personal struggles, navigating through challenging relationships, or experiencing doubts in your faith, this episode will provide you with practical advice and biblical wisdom to help you persevere. Tune in and be encouraged, as together, we explore what it truly means to trust God and hold on to hope in the midst of life’s challenges.

Podcast Highlights:

  • When we filter our pain through the fruit of deception we find it impossible to believe God and His promises 
  • When you are trapped in the wrongs that people have done they become strongholds-strongholds keep us stagnant and put up walls to keep people out, including Jesus
  • It’s easy to believe in the lies and deception the enemy places in our minds when we don’t stand on the truth of God’s word
  • Believe that God will be your anchor in times of trouble 
  • The plan of God at work is many times unseen until the end
  • Regardless of what we see we have to believe in His word
  • When times are hard remember God has promised to never leave us nor forsake us 
  • James 1:2-3
  • Romans 5:3-4
  • 1 Peter 1:6-7
  • 2 Peter 3:8-9
  • Habakkuk 2:3
  • Ecclesiastes 3:1-14

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