How To Transition Easy: Summer Survival Kit Ep. 60


Podcast Highlights: By Dr. Renee Davis, Psychologists for Children and Adolescents

  • Set boundaries to ensure your children stay safe while they’re having fun during the summer 
  • Vacation Bible School creates opportunities for children to grow deeper in relationship with God 
  • It’s okay for children to be bored- it helps their minds generate new ideas  and increases creativity 
  • Don’t put pressure on yourself to make every day exciting for your children
  • Your children will remember the few days of fun activities more than all the days they didn’t do anything
  • Try to provide some structure and predictability for your children during summer break
  • Don’t wait until right before school starts to prepare your children for the transition back to school in the fall 
  • Check out programs offered by your county- often discounted and have specialty programs 
  • There are daycare centers that will offer spots in the summer for children up to 12
  • Think outside of the box- reflect on things you found fun as a kid and recreate those things for your children 
  • Buy workbooks from the Dollar Tree for your children to complete so that they can continue to retain m/practice knowledge gained in the previous school year 
Elementary school children observing vegetables

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