Unveiling Love: A Faith-Centered Journey Ep. 76


Are you ready to unlock the secrets of enduring love and the transformative power of faith in marriage? 

Whether you’re happily married, seeking love, or simply navigating the complexities of single life, our content is designed to offer you insights, advice, and inspiration to help you on your path to lasting, meaningful connections. Join us as we explore the various facets of love, sharing stories, wisdom, and expert advice to enrich your personal journey. Today, we have the privilege of being joined by Christian marriage coaches, here to share their profound insights on the remarkable journey of love and faith. Whether you’re single, searching, preparing for love, or deeply committed in your marriage, the answers and inspiration you seek are just moments away. So, let me ask you, ‘What does it take to build a love that stands the test of time?’ Stay tuned for a conversation that’s about to change your perspective on relationships.

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💍Charles and Kanydah Stroman💍

After The Altar Marriages https://www.youtube.com

Podcast Highlights:

  • Don’t wait until things aren’t working to do maintenance on your marriage- seek tools, counseling, accountability coaches from the beginning
  • Listen to understand before seeking to be understood
  • Are you seeking to be right or be in harmony with your spouse?
  • A husband’s primary responsibility is to love his wife and a wife’s primary responsibility is to respect her husband
  • The Holy Spirit is the best counselor
  • Your marriage comes first before your personal goals and dreams 
  • Keep fun in your marriage

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