New Year. New Season. New Start. Ep.37



Shalanda Wills


  • You cannot judge your future based on your past mistakes- do not dwell on the past
  • When you pray for things be ready for what you pray for- you don’t want to fumble it because your heart isn’t ready to receive it
  • Everything that you need God has already spoken it into existence
  • Ask God “what do I need?”
  • Faith is a response to how we trust God and what He’s going to do in our life
  • What does your trust in God look like?
  • What are you doing with the power of God that is working within you?
  • This is the year to take possession of everything God has for you-Remove all limitations off of God
  • How can you bring in bigger and more abundant miracles in 2023?
  • It’s time to pray bold prayers!

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