Pickup Your Bed And Walk Ep.25



Shalanda Wills


  • Do you have the courage to move past “shoulda, coulda, woulda”? Where God wants to take us is outside of our comfort zone
  • God is waiting for us to embrace and accept the blueprint of our destiny-all we have to do is show up
  • We have to learn God’s direction, protection, and provision for us
  • The enemy gets you in your thoughts because he knows where God is about to take you-if you just anchor yourself in God and lean into where He’s trying to take you, you will be a mighty force
  • We have to allow God to deal with the root so we can experience the fruit When you go through challenges your response needs to be to depend on God instead depending on yourself
  • Where do you start? Meet God. Meet Him in your quiet place before all the noise enters into your day
  • Get connected! When you’re not connected to other people you are missing out

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