Power Thoughts: Make This Your Moment

Whatever you have in life and wherever you are, you can find some reason to be grateful and experience happiness in your life.

Sometimes we feel as though it’s up to us to fix what’s broken before we experience happiness. However, sometimes that’s not in our control to fix maybe it’s best to consider allowing God to be who He is in your life, which was one of the reasons Jesus died on that old rugged cross for you. When broadening our perspective, we can reach out in love, daily gratitude, victory and endurance that will help with self-awareness for our present day.

Could it be that most people don’t experience happiness in their lives because they’re sitting around waiting for things to get better for them to enjoy their lives? On the other hand, anyone who ever experienced pain knows it’s an unpleasant feeling that can be extremely overwhelming, but thank God Jesus didn’t give up on us when He experienced the pain He felt while He was on the cross. Therefore, pain was not meant for us to get stuck in our past but to push forward while working through the process of healing. Stop waiting for that perfect season, that perfect moment, that perfect storm before you step out into peace, joy and happiness. I read an article by Suzanne Degges-White PH.D called “The secret to Happiness” and here’s what she had to say;

“Happy people enjoy less stressful lives. Happy people are protected against some forms of chronic illnesses. In fact, happy people actually live longer, too! Plus, you are a LOT MORE FUN to be around if you’re feeling good about life! You don’t have to win the lottery, earn a 4.0, bowl a 300, find the perfect job, find true love, or live a perfect life to find happiness.” You just need to do four things:

  1. Meet the world with a positive attitude.
  2. Smile at and befriend others.
  3. Cut us all a little slack.
  4. Be consciously grateful for all that you do have rather than worrying about why you do not.

On the other hand, I believe the enemy uses a trauma to keep us stuck in our past because He knows that Jesus has our future and destiny already prepared and waiting for us. But, if the enemy can keep us stuck there in that place, his plan is to make us somehow give up hope. But, Jesus as our Savior, covers every part of our hurts, our disappointments, our wrong decisions, our wrongful thinking, no matter how big or small. Although we can sometimes hold on to our pain, our past, our shattered heart, shame and guilt but how about instead holding on to the promises of God’s Word, healing, mercy, grace and forgiveness that Jesus has already provided for us, and for us, to give to others?

Why do we give our past so much attention, making us powerless to the point that we fall into a depression? It’s time to shift our focus because the center of our attention belongs to God. And, not idols, not our past, not our insecurities, not our hurt or pain should ever receive more glorification or attention than God. So, is there anything too difficult for God? We have no problem believing that the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy but have problems believing that Jesus has already paid the price for us to live in freedom. Why are so many of us saying that we’re saved but live as if we don’t have the Holy Spirit living inside of us? If the Holy Spirit is on the inside of you, what is He saying about your situation? Is He not powerful enough to heal you!? Could it be that someone robbed you of your childhood, therefore, by punishing yourself you rob yourself of your adulthood, too?

With that being said, the Bible tells us to have faith and just a little amount can move mountains, then It’s time to start believing what God says to us is true; even if we don’t see it happen right away. Just because things look chaotic at times doesn’t mean it’s the truth or real. Sometimes things can appear to be our truth in our minds but FAKE with FALSE evidence. Let me explain so there is no confusion. There are three parts of us: mind, body, and spirit. We hear ourselves (our mind), the Holy Spirit and the enemy. So, if our mind is also the enemy’s playground then he can sometimes get us to believe things which are NOT TRUTH. And, we need to realize that the worst lies about life are just that……lies. Despite what we see we have to believe in God’s word even when we don’t see changes in our lives right away, even when life gets hard, and even when we don’t understand the process.

We need to be mindful that God has already healed us, but we are the ones that won’t walk into the healing. We cry out to God and ask Him to help us and heal our hearts, but instead, we somehow get stuck in the process instead of having faith that we’re already healed. Consider giving God your mess, and He’ll give you a message. I believe without dark moments in our lives, we wouldn’t know how to appreciate the good ones. When is the right time to feel happy and experience a life living vicariously through Christ? When is it the right time for us to take the focus off of ourselves? The right time is now!, It’s time to start shifting, to set a rhythm in your life and stop allowing your emotions and feelings to carry you around like a compass taking you around and around in circles around the world. The past is over, our self-awareness is in the now, our present, and the future is already destined, planned and ahead of us!

“If you have made mistakes, there is always another chance for you.You may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing we call ‘failure’ is not the falling down, but the staying down.“-Mary Pickford

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.“-Henry Thoreau


  1. This was a good read. It’s practical, easy to relate to, and points us back to Jesus. My favorite sentence was, “Consider giving God your mess, and He’ll give you a message.”

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