Divine Connections: A Journey of Faith and Friendship with Dr. Shanece Green Ep. 83

as we embark on a journey of faith and friendship a profound undertaking, and the significance of cultivating divine connections becomes apparent in the tapestry of this spiritual expedition. These connections serve as pillars of spiritual support, providing a unique space where individuals can share their faith experiences, reinforcing and uplifting each other in their walk with God.


Unbroken Resilience: A Symphony of ‘HER’ Ep.82

A poetic journey where resilience takes center stage. In the grand drapes of life, our verses unfold, painting a vivid portrait of HER—strong, enduring, and resilient. Join us as we delve into the symphony of existence, where each line is a note in the anthem of HER strength. This is not just a poem; it’s an lyric to the unwavering spirit of women, a celebration of their triumphs through the dance of life.

Power Thoughts: Grab Hold of Something New

We all want to grab hold of something new, i.e., relationships friendships, or a new career, but we may sabotage it by giving into a repetitive negative behavior pattern.  One relationship after another is not working out, emotional manipulation, playing the victim, withdrawing from others and criticizing. With these types of toxic emotions, we risk the effect of feeling, peace, hope or the joy Jesus has to offer us when we have the faith to believe in Him. When we act to deal with these types of bondage, we begin to find positive and healthy ways to step into something new, and that is the authentic you!