The Power of Thoughts: “Living Beyond Limitations”

Did you know that you can take your power and energy back, not only from individuals but also from yourself, all by changing your mind?

When it comes to the mind, the average person has over 40,000 thoughts a day. However, many of our thoughts are not positively serving us. Unfortunately, many of our thoughts are toxic, and as a result, we have recurring behaviors that lead to negative thought-patterns that generate negative emotions.

Are you allowing your thoughts to run rampant or do you have them under control?

The other day, I began reading an online article (; it discussed DNA and how it contains the blueprints for who we are, as well as instructions for who we will become. The article went deeper. “Many people have mistakenly believed that the DNA in which we are born is the sole determinant for who we are and will become, but scientists have understood for decades that this genetic determinism is a flawed theory.” That statement was profound and made it clear to see how our thoughts and emotions have the ability to change our gene expression. Our thinking affects gene expression in cells of the brain and effects the rest of the body. Again, the article added profound insight. “Toxic thinking harms the normal functioning of the body.” In many cases, this causes illnesses like cancer, anxiety, fear, hypertension, etc.

How do we shift from negative thoughts to positive thinking?

Negative thoughts will always come, but you have the authority to put them in their rightful place. I have learned that the mind is always asking questions and looking for answers, and sometimes we fuel it with negative feedback. For example:

  • Your mind: asking a negative question – Why can’t I lose this weight?
  • You: fueling it with a negative thought and emotion by saying – I just hate the way my body looks.
  • Your mind: asking a negative question – Why aren’t I successful?
  • You: fueling it with a negative thought and emotion by saying – Nothing good ever happens for me.

With that in consideration, you must understand that you are not your mind. We cannot let our over-thinking mind define who we are, especially when it’s in a toxic state. Many of us are letting our minds run rampantly, leading us down a road of resentment and unhappiness.

What’s causing the fear?

Brooke Castillo, an awesome Life Coach, said, “love and fear cannot occupy the same space at once.” So, for me to learn how to take action I had to discover how to do the following:

  • Practice directing my mind to think positive thoughts
  • Learn/Recognize the way my mind is thinking
  • Learn that my thoughts are creating my actions, feelings, and results
  • Meditate to develop self-awareness of what’s triggering the thoughts that lead me to unhealthy habits, ones that cause continuing patterns

By asking myself specific questions, I was able to shift my gene expression, causing my mind to work “with me” and not against me. I realize that without changing our thoughts and emotions, our thoughts will become our reality. Therefore, our reality will then become our struggles because we are following the patterns that our minds continue to repeat. Just like the mind continues showing us old hurtful memories we don’t want to keep displaying in our heads. Though we are no longer in those harmful situations physically, mentally, it’s as if it continues to happen over and over again.

A negative thought can cause an individual to procrastinate and become frustrated as they begin to beat themselves up over every little thing. And then comes the thought, “I am a failure.” Being stuck in that type of mindset will immediately reduce the possibility of having thoughts of trying something new. Having a negative attitude of “my way or no way” will keep us trapped in a box and unable to learn or train our minds to think properly. I believe God was warning us when He talked about setting our minds on things above, things that are good, things that are just, etc. (Colossians 3:2). He knew we would have to face mental obstacles. Therefore, the ability to start that new business, take a new career path, and live beyond limitations is always one “thought” away. If your mind is telling you that you can’t do it, and you believe that lie, then you will not go beyond the lies your mind is persuading you to believe.

I once heard Tony Robbins say, “People smoke because they believe that smoking helps with calmness, anxiety and stress. But, the truth is, it’s all in the pattern of taking deep breaths by “inhaling” in and out.” Think about it! When we take deep breaths in and out, it helps us become calmer and more relaxed. I seriously laughed myself out of my chair! So, the tobacco industry was making a nice profit off me? lol (what was I smoking on!) What are the emotions you would experience? 

But remember, our emotions are created by our minds. For example, if you receive a call notifying you that you’ve won a “brand new” car, how would you respond?

  • Happiness
  • Excitement
  • Elation
  • Gratefulness
  • Appreciation

These are some of the feelings our thoughts create when receiving good news! Just imagine the thought of winning a car and not having to deal with a monthly car payment or the feeling of security when traveling around without having car issues, etc. As a result, choosing to have thoughts that align with how you want to feel is possible. Just imagine if you would take steps to train your thoughts and remind your “mind” that you can choose thoughts that allow “living beyond limitations.”

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2018, the best is yet to come!