Run and Hide: Learn To Fight

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There is a loud cry for help in this Nation today. Whether it’s war crimes, hate crimes, mass shootings, or numbers rising due to the Covid pandemic. Although we all live busy lives, we must take a pause and make a stand against the adversary. Some of us are suffocating from the unexpected loss of family and close friends in the last year, and we don’t feel there is any hope left in this world. At times, we look so much at the chaos that istrending in our lives and forget that God still does miracles. We must find a space where we can quiet ourselves and usher in the presence of God. Each of us can bring heaven here on the earth.

This is not a hide-and-seek moment!    

We all know that life is not always full of goosebumps and excitement, but we can no longer run and hide from life. Instead, we must live it to the fullest. First, we must pray against the opposition that comes against us and our loved ones. Our day should start with prayer, gratitude, and worship to our Almighty King! By doing so, we allow God to come into our day and call forth the plan and purpose He has for each of us. Secondly, we set the atmosphere for the angels to fight on our behalf, for our families and our communities, for we know the battles take place in the spiritual realm as well as the physical. Nothing gets released into the atmosphere until you speak it. Lastly, our family and community need prayer and it shouldn’t be our last “go-to.” It should be the first thing we “go to.” I have learned that God wants to speak into our day so He can help us order our day with greater authority and tap into God’s best will for ourlives.

How do I stop running and hiding and, instead, fight back?

We can all play a part in fighting back for our families and communities. We can start by prayer walking or driving and praying around our communities. Even if you’re not an outdoor person, you can pull up Google Earth and search up your community and pray over every street, school, alley, and community. You know the old saying, if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. It’s time for all of us to challenge ourselves. Get up every morning and start your day by inviting God’s will into your life. We need to stop the inner critic that tells us we can’t make a difference when we can. We mustreposition ourselves and no longer be daunted and intimidated by the evil forces of this world. We wouldn’t have to take time out of our busy day, if we put what truly needs to come first, prayer, at the forefront of our day! We strategically need to shift our mindset and decree and declare those things that are not as though they were. For instance, we speak peace over our families and communities. We must get up and fight! It’s time for us to look ourselves in the mirror and tell ourselves No More! We will no longer get stuck on ourselves or have selfish prayers while this world feels like it’s going to hell in a waste basket. It’s time we start by knowing our self-worth, knowing the quality of life God intends for us to have, and believing God can do the impossible.

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