Breaking the Silence: Rebuilding Our Foundation

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Many of us have been quiet for way too long, and it’s time to build a foundation for our mindset to weather any storm that tries to come our way. It is time to say goodbye to the storms of depression, anxiety, and shame, the very things tearing down the foundation that is most precious to us. our family! 

For me, my best friend was anxiety. It told me what to do, where not to go, and to not utter a word regardless of my opinion. It told me to feel depressed, sleep all the time, as well as to keep quiet and shut people out of my circle, as I would be better off without people in my bubble.  For years, I allowed the lies that were in my head to guide and keep me afraid. I have learned that when you come into an agreement with the lies you’re told, you come into an agreement with the lie. We allow the enemy to plant negative seeds in our minds and we begin to believe that we’re not who God has called us to be. For me, I believed the lies that said I could not be a writer. For others, it may be the lie that no one will read their book, or that their big idea will never work. We take the plans that God has for our lives and fill them with negative thoughts and then we begin to complain all the time. Do we realize that we must be patient and speak life even when we don’t see God working? He is a God of mystery and if we want to tap into the things God has for us, we must be patient and persistent.

God wants the best for us and sometimes during the “wait” all kinds of thoughts capture our minds. God can snap His fingers, and all this can be done, so where is He? This type of attitude brings the feeling of doubt and resentment towards the things God plans for us. By doing so, we sabotage and hold up the plans and destiny God has spoken over us when He called us into existence.  We have to get to a point where we realize that His plans and thoughts are higher than ours and that we truly can trust the process.  

For me, I still suffer from anxiety, therefore, if anxiety won’t leave me, I must leave it! Although I suffer from anxiety, I will no longer let it control me. I had to learn how to fight back with my thoughts and remind myself that no weapon formed against me shall prosper. For example, I understand that it takes time to build a house or build an empire. Therefore, it will take time for this anxiety to leave, but now I can look at it differently. My eyes are open now, and I can see the obstacle that tries to keep me bound. Even a person that’s incarcerated knows that they’re locked behind bars, but they cannot allow their mindset to be imprisoned with lingering obstacles. Sometimes it takes God sitting us down for us to learn that we must work harder, on ourselves, with self-discipline and self-development, than the work we do on our jobs. We have to denounce any and every negative word we or someone else has spoken over our lives. Maybe, we’re not seeing anything move in our lives because we have allowed the words to become our hindering block for the things God has for us. Open your mouth and speak over your life with life-giving words. We must address our enemies with conviction and authority. We have to refuse to be double-minded men and women of God, refuse to be people with conflicting thoughts, someone who holds two different opinions. Whatever you’re dealing with at the moment, don’t let it stop you from what it is that God has planned for you in this season. Don’t let any obstacle that comes your way stop you from the mystery that is in God for you! 

With that being said, ANXIETY GET OFF MY BACK!

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