Wipe Your Tears: It’s Time To Shift Ep. 65


Life is a series of seasons, and just like the changing seasons, we too must evolve and shift. We all experience moments of sorrow, disappointment, and heartache – moments that bring tears to our eyes and weigh heavily on our hearts. But remember this: tears are not a sign of weakness, but rather a testament to our humanity. They show that we care deeply, that we feel intensely, and that we are alive and engaged with the world around us.

Yet, my dear friends, there comes a time when we must gather the strength within us to wipe those tears away and make a conscious shift. A shift towards healing, growth, and a brighter future. So, how do we begin this transformative journey? Press play and let us provide you with the roadmap that leads to a journey of faith, hope, and transformations as we explore the powerful topic of shifting from tears to triumph.

Highlighting Points:

  • Change is a natural part of the journey
  • Shifting your perspective involves: stepping back and viewing your situation from a higher vantage point and reframing our thoughts (focus on the possibilities rather than limitations
  • When you place your hope in Jesus your tears are never in vain 
  • Turn your attention to God’s promises and unchanging faith 
  • Psalm 56:8
  • God’s intimate involvement in our lives brings immeasurable comfort and the assurance that we are never alone 
  • Isaiah 41: 10
  • Transformation leads to new horizons
  • Step out of your comfort zone
  • Set positive Intentions
  • Ignite a purposeful and fulfilling life
  • Lean on friends, family, and faith community
  • Seek guidance and encouragement
  • You don’t have to walk alone
  • Celebrate victories and forgive yourself and others
  • Embrace your journey with grace


  1. How have past experiences of overcoming challenges and wiping away tears contributed to your personal growth and ability to shift towards a more positive direction in your life?
  2. In your journey of shifting and embracing change, what strategies or practices have you found most effective in helping you navigate through difficult times and emerge stronger on the other side?
  3. Can you share a specific instance where you witnessed someone close to you undergo a transformative shift after wiping away their tears? What lessons can we draw from their experience to inspire our own journeys of positive change?

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1 Comment

  1. I recall my mother with regard to unforeseen changes that hit her life. First, there was a church she.was committed to and held deep friendship with the pastor and his wife, which turned sour. Then there was a husband who ultimately left the marriage they had built for 23-25 years, leaving her with 7 children to raise.

    I never saw mom’s tears but I did see her sadness and disappointment at times. I’m sure she cried lots of tears.

    But, as years progressed, mom stayed with the Lord. I never heard her complain or exhibit any bitterness. She continued to treat all 7 of us well, never left us, remained kind and gentle through her pain till her dying day. She exhibited what I want–no pay backs, no giving up. Just face the hardship, cry, and keep trusting God to see you through the devastating hurts life brings sometimes. 🙂

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